The Wild Body Signed by Wyndham Lewis 1st / 1st 1927

The Wild Body Signed by Wyndham Lewis 1st / 1st 1927


First edition and first print published by Chatto & Windus in 1927. This is 1 of 79 special signed editions in its original binding. It is copy number 10 and is signed by Wyndham Lewis to the dedicated page. The book is in very good + condition. The quarter cloth bound book is sun faded to the spine. The marble boards are generally in very good condition with rubbing to the corners. The rough cut pages are in clean condition with no foxing or browning to the pages at all. Pages 30/31 have been opened clumsily. The striking bookplate of R.G.N Bates is on the inside board. Overall in very good + condition.


The Wild Body is a series of short stories by Wyndham Lewis that appeared in English and American publications between 1917 and 1922. Nine short stories comprise a series that follows the narrator Ker-Orr (the projected persona of Lewis himself) in his adventures around Brittany. In The Wild Body Lewis anticipates the absurdism of Eugene Ionesco and the existentialism of Albert Camus in the savage, wretched effigies of poverty stricken Breton in Bestre and Brotcotnaz. The comedy of The Wild Body lies in the separation of mind and body, as with Henri Bergson's epistemology on the comic that states that a noble mind is invariably let down by the ridiculous human form. Lewis was informed by the grotesques of Leonardo Da Vinci and so this was reflected in the biting satire of his caricatures.



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