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The Letters of J.E. Flecker Signed Beaumont Press 1st 1926


First and only edition printed by The Beaumont Press in 1926. 8vo. 126 pp. With a coloured title-vignette. Printed on parchment paper. This is a fine copy, 1 of only 80 in a limited edition printed on parchment vellum. Signed by Claudio Guercio (designed the front cover), Randolph Schwab (designed the title page), Helle Flecker (Editor) and The Publisher Cyril Beaumont. 


This fine copy is bound in highly decorative parchment over boards, featuring a three-color Persian-styled motif showing a blue and red border, and set within is a broken tree. This copy also has the scarce original plain tissue jacket which is also in fine condition. 


This is a collection of letters written by the poet James Elroy Flecker to his oldest friend Frank Savery. published posthumously. Flecker died prematurely aged 30 on 3 January 1915, of tuberculosis, in Davos, Switzerland. He had published several books of poetry including 'The Bridge of Fire' and 'The Golden Journey to Samarkand'.


Agatha Christie quotes flecker on a number of occasions in 'Postern of Fate'. And his works make an appearance in G.M Fraser's Flashman as well as more recently by Neil Gaiman in his Sandman series. A scarce signed private press copy with its jacket in fine condition.