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Meeting the British signed by Paul Muldoon 1st / 1st 1987


First edition and first print published by Faber in 1987. This is a rare hardbound copy and even more so signed without dedication by the author to the title page. The wrapper and book are also both in fine condition. The wrapper has not been clipped and the book is immaculate albeit the pages have browned. overall a fine copy.


Paul Muldoon's poem Meeting the British is an account of the native Pontiac's Rebellion against the British in North America in the 1763, written from an Indian perspective. The conflict is the first recorded case of biological warfare, in which the British subjugated the Ottawa Indians by introducing non-native diseases, referred to unambiguously in the poem's final line, "two blankets embroidered with smallpox" . As a criticism of colonialism, it uses direct reference to colonizers Jeffery Amherst and Henry Bouquet, to attach the poem to its corresponding moment in history. Carefully dispersed, fragmentary language builds upon the historical context to allude to a wider sense of the violating nature of colonisation.