A New Bowler for the "Final Test" An original cartoon by John Jones 1953

A New Bowler for the "Final Test" An original cartoon by John Jones 1953


This is an original cartoon by the artist John Jones (1913-1992). The cartoon artist is better known for his work with the British Army Newspaper Unit and his depiction of two british soldiers. He has signed all of his work with his trademark "Jon" mark. This cartoon is on artists card and is 40cm's wide by 28cm's in width. It is in near fine condition with no rips or marks at all. The artist has used Ink and a blue wash for the grass. On the back it says "Cartoon by Jon of B.L. KEARLEY LTD" and is dated 11 August 53. 


The scene depicted is of a packed cricket ground with Winston Churchill as the umpire, complete with his bow tie and cigar. The two protagonist bowlers flipping a H Bomb in the air are US President Dwight D Eisenhower on the left, and USSR premier Nikita Krushchev. 1953 marked the start of the cold war period and as this cartoon suggests "the final test" was very much on people's minds. A rare piece of churchiliana / cold war memorabilia


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