2 Postcards of Winston S Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty WW1 1914

2 Postcards of Winston S Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty WW1 1914


London: 1st postcard by Raphael Tuck & Sons; 2nd postcard by Gale & Polden Ltd. (1914)
Both postcards are in very good condition. Both are unused with no previous owner’s messages or postage marks on the reverse. The portrait postcard has a crease to the top left and corner. The bulldog postcard has a pen mark to the reverse.


The first postcard shows a proud looking bulldog on the deck of, it is assumed, a British navy destroyer. The postcard mentions the Germans toast ‘to the day’ and England’s reply from Winston Churchill that the navy will “dig them out like rats in a hole”.

The second postcard is a portrait of a dapper looking Churchill in 1914 and underneath this it says ‘The Rt Hon Winston Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty’. This postcard is from a series of portraits issued by Tucks on notabilities of what it called at that stage ‘The European War, 1914’. A rare pair of early postcards from the outbreak of the war in 1914 and of Churchill as first lord of the admiralty, a role he would be removed from in 1915 by a coalition Government following a disastrous campaign in the Dardanelles.


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