A Letter by C.R.W Nevinson, 1946

A Letter by C.R.W Nevinson, 1946


Written by the artist c1946. It is in very good condition and is written over two pages. Both pages have creases where the letter has been folded and put in an envelope.


War artist Nevinson was renowned as a tetchy and confrontational character and this letter shows this attitude clearly. The letter is written in reply to an editor at the London Evening Standard inviting him to contribute to an ongoing series of ‘Quandaries’ to which the celebrities offered their views.


Nevinson replies “I enclose my answer to Quandary 16. Do I get an honorarium??? Or do you use my name to get your paper publicity for nothing???” The letter continues over two pages and the tone remains...

A fascinating response from the artist to the editor. The letter is also a rarity as Nevinson rarely signed anything (see item 199) and there is not a great deal of correspondence that appears in commerce from him albeit the Imperial War Museum holds a cache of letters. He suffered a stroke in 1942 and his handwriting is scruffy at times. It looks like it was written in haste with several mistakes and corrections. A rare letter.